Start your LOVE-a-lution now!


Evolution is a process of change. An evolution happens without effort and is passive. Evolution is constant, slowly unfolding change.


Revolution happens when people’s needs are not being met. A revolution is conscious thought turning into action. Revolution creates change.


A conscious change toward the natural state of love. A LOVE-a-lution might just be a combination of evolution and a revolution.

You can start your own LOVE-a-lution by choosing to get out of the way of love. I believe that our true state of existence is loving and being loved and often we get in the way of this simple process.

Ananda is a sanskrit word that translates as bliss… a state of contentment with all things at all times.  What if love takes bliss one step further? What if love is being content with all people at all times? This is a challenge for many, but a challenge worth taking on.  Being in love is being content with people, as they are, in every moment.

To start your own LOVE-a-lution, you can begin to accept yourself at all times.  Make decisions you can live with. Chose to fill your mind with happy and loving thoughts.  Then look to the people closest to you and accept they are individuals who share space with you. Fill the space with love by accepting them as they are. Work your way from self to community to local and eventually find a global love.

This would indeed be a personal LOVE-a-lution!

Do Something!

Choose to get out of the way of the natural process of love.
Choose to find contentment with all people at all times.
Recognize that when not “in love” or content with others, that is a choice you are making.

Start YOUR LOVE-a-lution!

Beautiful and dangerous! Can that be true?



This is the view from one of my happiest spots in my home, into the back yard. Our Crepe Myrtle tree has many looks throughout the year, including amazing magenta flowers in late summer. But this look… as the ice is melting off the tree branches… is absolutely glowing in the morning sun light! This is amazing and awe inspiring.



Meanwhile, outside the front door, my sidewalk is a serious hazard. It is slippery and anyone walking on it may not stay upright. Yesterday, both my neighbor and I salted both of our sidewalks, hours apart from each other, there was still about 1/4 of an inch of ice covering it.

I could spend many pleasant hours watching the ice melt off the tree, but watching the ice melt off the sidewalk was horrifying. Satya is truth.  How can there be two contrary truths about an ice storm? It created both awe inspiring beauty and horrifying danger. Few things, including you and me, can truthfully be described as just one thing. See an early post on Koshas.

As truthfulness (satya) is achieved, the fruits of actions naturally result according to the will of the Yogi. (satya pratisthayam kriya phala ashrayatvam) ~ Yoga Sutra Chapter 2 Verse 36 from

When we accept all truths, our will can honestly become action.
Truth #1 Ice is beautiful.
Truth #2 Ice is dangerous.
Truth #3 I have to maintain my sidewalks and remove as much ice as possible.
Truth #4 I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

When truth, satya, is acknowledged in all its forms, positive action is inevitable. I chipped as much ice off the sidewalk as possible.

Think about it

What truths are you struggling with?  Once you accept these truths, are there any actions that will result? This is sometimes what people call, “Doing the right thing.”