I’ve started flossing again!


Flossing can be awkward and even painful… so can meditation.

As I began class on Sunday, I was telling everyone that I was flossing again. ┬áBut with flossing, I’ve found a new challenge. Now that I’ve cleaned out the grooves in my teeth, more things, like kale, are sticking in them! A regular student looked at me and confidently asked, “So what’s the yoga spin?”

Let’s use flossing as a parallel to meditation or asana. Flossing is awkward and can be painful. Same for meditation or asana. Flossing gets rid of what doesn’t belong (plaque) and makes space for healthier items to get hung up (kale). In meditation we take time to remove thoughts that don’t belong. We replace them with healthier, positive statements; cleaning our minds in the same way we clean our teeth.


Carry with you healthy and useful thoughts.

While working though asanas, I encouraged people to replace their thoughts. Instead of challenging or judgmental thoughts (this is hard, I am tired, I can’t do it) with the directions on how to do the pose (press your heel into the ground, engage your inner thighs, tighten your belly). Once concentration was focused on accomplishing the alignment, change began to happen! In meditation, mantras can be used as positive affirmations. Make a conscious choice to remove selective thoughts (vrittis) and replace them with the a mantra.

The same student who challenged me to spin flossing into a yoga lesson asked me to write this class down and do it again! So here it is and I’ll see you next week!

Do Something!

Floss. Eat more kale. Selectively remove thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations.

Hari Om, Namaste