Jai Ma! To my Mystical Momma!

My mystical Momma

Mom: Your dad lost 10 pounds for the wedding.
Me: Tell him, I found them.
Mom’s Inner thoughts: Love will zip this dress! Anything is possible…

Today, I would like to connect some points of gratitude among my heart, my mind, and my momma. On Mother’s Day, she called me out and said the my last blog post was over the top! Now… my mom practices yoga, but maybe only Half-Asana. She thinks choosing love is too much?!? Let us investigate. She does her asana in a gym and has amazing physicality and movement, but what about finding love, peace, compassion, union with the divine or meditation? Mom, how does your yoga affect the world around you? Do you REALLY do yoga?

The path of yoga offers a systematic approach to spiritual development by planting mysticism as inspiration into the development of the conscious human mind. The individual development that yoga offers is in order to be in union with and service of others and God.

Let’s look at two things: Mysticism and the Conscious Human Mind.

Mysticism (more to come in future posts)
Many mystical stories associated with Indian culture have woven themselves into yogic tradition (1/2 Monkey, 1/2 boy saves the world). But simply having the ability to imagine that anything is possible is mystical. I think that is part of the mystical stories.  Daring to believe…. Experiencing something you cannot explain is mystical. Mysticism isn’t just in your imagination.

Conscious Mind
If I am conscious, I am making choices. Aware. It is utterly amazing to realize that I can be anyone I want by turning my thoughts and imagination into actions. If I can imagine it, I can create it.  Why not work on a Love-a-lution? I can see it. I can feel it. I can live it! This is conscious living! Who taught me to be this open and to use my imagination for good?  Jai Ma!  It was MY mother!

Where mysticism and the conscious mind come into union, there is yoga!

Mom, when do you imagine what is possible about life? You told me you’re going to live to be 100.  What are you going to do with your next 25 years? I hope and pray that you keep doing what you’re doing. Yoga. And imagine a world where anything, even a love-a-lution is possible.

I express my devotion through chanting and meditation. You go to church.

I try to inspire people to make loving choices and make them when I can. You make loving choices when you volunteer at the local elementary school, within the church and with people in need in your community.

I imagine a life of creativity and living in harmony with others and nature. You quilt, cultivate plants, and create fun activities to do with you Grandchildren. You live in creative harmony with nature!

We do our yoga differently. I am trying to lead a Love-A-Lution but you don’t need the revolution part of my made up word. Revolution his about change. You are living love and I hope that doesn’t change. Your actions and the way you live is living love. So maybe thinking about loving doesn’t feel comfortable because you just live it without conscious thought. Maybe you can’t imagine a world where people don’t live with love as the guide.

I am inspired by you as my mystical momma with endless stories of selfless loving actions. Thank you Momma! And while you kick ass, you sure don’t live your life or do your yoga half-asana!Think about it

What will you do with your life, if you live to be 100 years old?
Who is your inspirational mystical momma?
Imagine what is possible and make it happen. One decision, one choice at a time.

Hari Om, Namaste.

A continuous state of love

My niece is super easy to love!

My niece is super easy to love!

How are you doing with your Love-a-lution? I’m still working on mine… but it is more than just an idea. The spark of love absolutely lives within me and I try to share it. What is love? I can’t find a definition big enough to encompass all that I believe love to be, but I JOURNEY on…  with friends, family, my husband, and strangers.  Love is everywhere.

This quote from Eckhardt Tolle is amazing!

Love as a continuous state is yet very rare, as rare as conscious human beings. – Eckhart Tolle from The Power of Now

  1. By saying love as a continuous state is very rare, says that someone is doing it!!!! It might be rare, but someone is doing it! I would LOVE to meet this spectacular human who lives in a continuous state of love.
  2. As rare as conscious human beings.  Is this the answer?  Do we simply need to become conscious humans?

I believe that part of being a conscious human being is about making choices.  We simply need to continue to choose love. When I make a truly thoughtful decision, it is influenced by love.

Now you choose….
Hate or love?
Frustration or love?
Dislike or love?
Prejudice or love?

I choose LOVE every time! This choice integrates compassion into a situation and makes less room for unwanted emotions. By consistently choosing love, you are conditioning your body to have loving reactions.

Another way to practice being in a continuous state of love is to meditate. Maybe practice using the mantra, “I choose love.” This places your entire being into the concentration of love.  Sanyama – When your Daryana becomes your Diana you benefit from Samadi.  When the object of your concentration becomes your meditation, you receive a profound knowledge of that object.  Think about the power of meditating on love.

Think about it

Would your world change if your reactive emotion was love? What would that look like? Could you find a continuous state of love?