It’s just a process: The Mandala

I haven’t written in a while. It’s not been a lack of inspiration or even time. I’ve just been going through a process. It feels like life is changing and I bounce between feeling in control and feeling purely like a witness as life swirls around me. As I sit to write, I cannot pinpoint one single idea to articulate as EVERYTHING seems possible and tangible and yet, just a finger tip away…

TODAY, September 21st, is the real 8 year anniversary of JOURNEYoga. I claim to be the owner, but JOURNEYoga is about the people and community. It does not feel good call myself the owner as I do not own the people so I will take the title “Fearless Leader”. On Saturday we created a mandala as a community however in the end, the community encouraged me to be the destroyer. In the moment, it was exciting and fun and a total rush to step into the mandala, and in reflection it was a great honor. How did the community know that I needed to have a ritual destruction? It is time to move forward!

The Mandala as representation of life:

It changes as we build it.
We change as it grows.

There it is.
Pretty and clean.

Until we step into the fire.
And it changes again.

Opportunity now that the slate is clean again.
What comes next?

Free Will. Choice. Change. Consciousness. Nothing. Everything.

And on a professional note of gratitude, Thank you to Girish for the song, Mahadeva. I used it without his permission and hope that I have his forgiveness. It is a chant to Shiva, destruction, and the great power for change in the face of fear that lives within all of us. After the destruction, shankara remains…. a peaceful state.

And to Melissa who designed and organized the mandala event!