It’s Complicated…. but does it need to be?

Today I was approaching a closed door and I looked down at my keychain filled with various sizes and shapes of keys, a fob and a clicker for my car. Which key or device might possibly open THIS door? The answer is…. the door knob. There was no lock or device. I was making things WAY more complicated than it needed to be. Just open the door.

At the computer, I was trying to embed a .pdf into a webpage. I really wanted to use the document in front on me to inform students about our infrared sauna. After using a widget maker and figuring out how to embed the code from the widget, I didn’t like how the information presented. Then I remembered this thing called “copy and paste”. ┬áSo I copied the content and pasted it into the website. Why was I making it so complicated? (See finished web page)

Think about it

What are your true goals?
How do you stay focused on your goals and find simple solutions?
Just open the door.
Let go of the struggle.