Vacation Mentality

Vacation is a State of Mind

I found myself in the final month of a master’s degree in Integrative Medicine, doing biostatistics with this view… on vacation in Mexico. Now, this is an obnoxious statement and I implore you to not judge me, but I was a little angry with my husband for planning a major vacation 3 weeks before the end of school. Why couldn’t he wait three weeks for me to be done with school and REALLY take a vacation?

  1. I love my husband.
  2. I love learning.
  3. I love vacation.

So what was the problem? When I miss the signs from the Universe, it wacks me in the head with a 2×4. People keep asking, “What are you going to do next? What are you going to do with your degree?” I have bajillions of ideas and things I want to do and people I want to reconnect with. Plans are being made and I am beginning to put ideas into action assuring I can fill the extra 25-40 hours a week that are coming to me when school is over…

Vacation was the 2×4 to the head. The Universe tossed me an amazing opportunity! Thank you husband for being an agent of Universal wisdom. Thank you for the vacation.

What I learned on vacation is that I need to take some vacation mentality with me through time. The subtle sign from the Universe that I’ve been missing is that it’s important to make space. On vacation, I found it easier to concentrate and comprehend the content for school. I actually enjoyed biostatistics?!?! When I do less, I do everything better. I need to leave time in the day to be still and easy. I need to find more time to be creative and connect with nature (the beach and ocean are beyond the pool here). I need to do less.

Think about it

What can you let go of? How can you make space?