Yoda? No, that’s my Dad!

Sanyama: Perceive. Believe. Become.

How old were you, when you began to see the wisdom of your father’s words? And I do mean your dad. The one who raised you and said things that you challenged…I’m certain I was more than 25 when my dad’s wisdom became accessible.

My father

This is the night “yogurt” became “yoda.” That is Yoga to the rest of us…

“And what did you learn from this?” Became a reflection instead of a punishment.

“You are who you hang around.” Altered to be more about my conscious choosing of friends than him not liking my boyfriend.

“Perceive. Believe. Become.” Stopped being a pep talk and has turned into a way of life.

In the 8 Fold Path of Patanjali, the final three steps, when practiced together, are called Sanyama.  Concentration (Dharyana), Meditation (Dyana) and Samadi (Samadi). I really struggle to place a single word translation to Samadi and think it is best described through the complete practice of Sanyama. Some people translate Samadi as bliss but that even takes explanation.

Concentration requires you to place your thought patterns somewhere and work to keep them there.  If you are writing a thank you note to your friend, your concentration is on gratitude and word choice.  Keep your conscious mind focused.

Meditation takes concentration one step further. If your conscious mind is focused without distractions, you can alter your state of consciousness and enter meditation.  Here, the object of the mind’s concentration, gratitude for your friend, is managed by the brain in a totally different way and assimilated deeper into the meditator’s belief system.

Samadi is when the object of concentration, has become the meditation and you reawaken the conscious mind with a new, deep, and profound knowledge. By concentrating and meditating, the brain has changed, allowing you to become the object of your meditation, more grateful for your friend.

Oh Dad. Look at this. My Yogurt… I mean Yoda…. I mean Yoga is a lesson you taught me!

Perceive – Concentrate
Believe – Meditate
Become – Samadi

I concentrate on the love I have for my father. I meditate on the love I have for my father. After meditation, I know and feel how much I love my father. This is Sanyama.

Think about it

Even without the vocabulary of Sanyama, my papa’s theory of perceive, believe, become works.

Perceive you are weak. You will believe you are weak. You will become weaker.
Perceive your strengths. Believe in your strengths. And become as strong as you can be!