Sarah Lynn teaches workshops, teacher trainings and private sessions long with her regular, weekly teaching schedule at JOURNEYoga.

Master Class: Discovery
October 11th (Columbus Day)

Discover unexplored areas of yoga, and investigate those that you know well. Maybe you will find happiness, peace, beauty, love, challenge and/or acceptance. Maybe you will find answers you didn’t know you were looking for! You might even toss you hands in the air and sing like a happy Buddha!

We will use these traditional yoga practices and discussion to move through this two hour practice of inquiry and discovery.
Asana – Physical Movement
Pranayama – Breathwork
Pratyahara – Control of senses
Dharana – Concentration
Dhyana – Meditation
Samadhi – Bliss (I hope so anyway)

Bring paper and pencil for taking notes and making observations of your discoveries.

Master Class: Veterans of Yoga
November 11th, Veteran’s Day

This class is for people who are veterans of yoga. You are now comfortable with the basics and are looking toward what comes next.

We’ll work to fine-tune your practice and alignment. This class will show you a path from the basics toward more challenging poses. You will learn how to use the strengths and alignment of common poses to work into more challenging ones.

If you are comfortable with challenge, bring it on! You will either be working into difficult poses, or working in the difficult poses.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Pavones Yoga Center – Costa Rica
March 16-27

In JOURNEYoga’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, you will learn to teach yoga that supports and strengthens a momma. You’ll learn the importance of and how to create community that includes mommas at all stages of pregnancy. You’ll learn to teach poses and sequences that develop a momma’s strength so she can comfortably carry and deliver a baby while eliminating as many discomforts as possible.

This training will also give you an extensive education about pregnancy. This knowledge will allow you to safely reassure mommas, combat discomforts, and identify risk factors for your students. Completing this training will give you the knowledge you need to teach a safe, supportive, and educational prenatal yoga class.

As you are already a 200 hour trained yoga teacher, less time will be spent on asana alignment than in other trainings. The focus of this training is pregnancy and how that affects the momma and in turn, yoga. We will discuss pregnancy from conception all the way through basic postpartum bodies. The pregnant body needs different strengths and flexibilities as it changes and we will learn to work within those boundaries.